The Cars In Phoenix Project

Click on the pictures to see videos of these cars in action
Bell Aurens Longnose
To build one takes knowledge of the Land Rover marque. I have restored a few Land Rover SI and SII’s in my time so building this Land Rover is on my ‘things to do within the next 5 years’ list...
Update: Good chase scene using the Longnose in the sequel!
1917 Model T
Henry Ford put America on wheels with the model T. In the book Max inherits his families 1917 Model T. You only get a glimpse of this wonderful car, but rest assure that it will show up in the sequel!
Tatra 603
I came close to getting one a while back, but was outbid... Middle picture of the engine bay is there to show you that the engine is located in the trunk/boot, like that of the Porsche 911.
Interesting story about the Tatra. During WWII the German high command prohibited their officers from confiscating the Tatra 87 to use as a personal staff car... Why you ask? Because the Tatra was so ahead of its time and quite a fast car (It is ranked among the fastest production cars of its time. Remember this was a four door car in the late 1930’s that could cruise close to 100 mph!) Anyway, the German officers kept killing themselves in these cars because they had no clue how to drive it, especially doing high speed turns. Since the engine/weight was in the back, the car had some very interesting handling characteristics.
Porsche 550 Spyder
One of the most beautiful race cars of the early to mid 50’s. When I saw my first one it was selling for $250,000. The last one that sold at auction (very correct car with race history) went for close to $4,000,000! Crazy money...
Audi UR Quattro Sport
A design that took the rally world by storm. They only made a few hundred to comply with the regulations of the racing circuit. This car is fast! 
They are now out of the average persons price range, but you can still buy the normal Quattro (which is longer and heavier but still a fantastic car) for reasonable prices (if you can find a good one). This is another car that I would like to own.