Robert Blanchard

I was born January 26th 1969, Geneva Switzerland. I always say my parents hit the perfect trifecta. I am an Aquarian, born not only in the year and age of Aquarius, but in the country that stands for peace! This mix, in turn, created my wonderful and adventurous life. 
My father is American as American can get, minus the French last name. He was born in D.C.. Joined the Army after high school and eventually entered the Special Forces, where he did two tours in Vietnam. His father (unfortunately we never met) was a Colonel in the Marines. Graduated Annapolis, 1923, Navy cross recipient and fought in both the European and Pacific theaters during WWII. My beautiful mother was born in Venezuela and went to high school in New Jersey where my father courted and eventually married my mom, and created my much taller brother and I.
After a small stint in Florence, Italy then Puerto Rico, I ended up in Caracas, Venezuela. I studied at the British School until 5th grade, then was sent to San Antonio Military Academy in Texas. After three years, I did one year at the Oxford academy in Oxford Connecticut and finished high school in North Miami, Florida. I ended up at Regis College (now University) in Denver Colorado and did my Masters in Architecture at C.U. (University of Colorado). 
So how did I get into writing. Well, it is in my blood! My mother was a closet writer and my brother started off with poetry until publishing his self help book ‘You Have Chosen To Remember’ . So naturally, brothers being brothers, I had to one up him and publish my own book.
Robert Blanchard
I always have people ask me how I came to write this Phoenix Project. And to tell the truth I have been writing it all my life. I was always somewhere else in my mind. In my kindergarten report card it stated that I am a day dreamer and I needed to focus. Who knew I was slowly building the foundation that eventually led here! 
The turning point for me was one summer as I took a creative writing class in university, the assignment was to use sexual metaphor in a story, I wrote about my first time flying. That Friday as we left the classroom, the teacher (she was only a few years older) held me back and praised my short story, then asked me out on a date.... 

Writing is a powerful tool!

Phoenix Project came from countless short story ideas. I have always been a big fan of the movies; Raiders Of The Lost Ark is my favorite all time movie, along with Star Wars (episodes 4, and 5) Diehard, opened my eyes to what can be done with a good story set in a building where the hero’s odds are against him.  Recently, Midnight in Paris. Set in my favorite city, in my favorite time(s)... There are many, many other movies as well.

As for books... The Delta, by Marshall Harrison is still my all time favorite. I ran across the book in a used book store and to date I have read it over a dozen times. I am also a big fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes) but the author that was the trigger to writing Phoenix Project and its sequel (about 75% done) was Matthew Reilly . His writing style showed me that one can write fast, and action packed. No breaks. No holds bared!

My other true interests are machines. Cars, and planes to be exact. My fascination goes back to when I was a small boy. From collecting match box cars to restoring series model Land Rovers, to learning to fly in sailplanes. I have racked up some hours in both non engined and engined aircraft.  Thus my weave of machines throughout my books.