"In Blanchard's debut action novel... the story becomes nonstop, exhilarating barrage of gunfights and explosions. The particulars of what the Nazi device does aren't fully revealed until near the end, and it's quite a surprise. Blanchard rounds out his novel by adding suspense- there's a traitor in the states who's helping spearhead an operation to bring Max and company back home - and a smashing ending that sets the stage for a sequel... readers will need a deep breath before taking this exciting ride of bullet-laden action."
 Kirkus Revies
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"As a pilot, I pay very close attention to the realistics on flight, airmanship and piloting, how authors blend them to their storyline, I must say Robert does a detailed job that makes you love this book, very addictive you can’t stop reading. Great Book."
Valerio Vittoria
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"I don't usually buy audio books but this one was well worth my time and effort! The reading was fast paced but worked for the content. The accents and character development by the narrator (Markham Anderson) were superb and really believable. The author, Robert Blanchard, is a very creative and inspired author. I hope he produces more books! This story is full of surprises and should be made into a movie!!"
K T Bowes for readers Favorite
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"This novel is well written and insightful. The character of Max is heroic without being the usual brand of bad-boy-principled-soldier, rugged but plausible... the reader is able to follow the use of the weapons and equipment without feeling as though it is overdone or superior. We are 'in the know,' feeling as if we are also there in the action. This is thanks to Blanchard's skill in reeling the reader in and making them feel as in danger as his characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel." 
Paul Johnson for readers Favorite
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A taught thriller from a promising new writer
"I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading Phoenix Project, but boy was I pleased. Blanchard's debut is a fun yarn blending fast-paced action, banter, bravado, history and Nazis. If you're fan of Matthew Reilly-type action novels, you're gonna love this book!"
E. J.
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Please tell me there is a sequel!

"Bought the Kindle version and loved it. Made long days away from home go by faster, a real page turner. There is a sequel, right? Please tell me there is a sequel!"
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"I found myself quickly identifying with the characters and expectantly waiting for what was to come as the protagonist is drawn more and more into dangerous, deadly situations. In many ways, I found this story, characters, and plot right up there with a classic Clive Cussler novel with Dirk Pitt as the hero. A well thought out, well written tale that I really enjoyed. If you're an action-adventure fan, this is a must read."
Michael McDonald